Coping with Grief

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Coping with Grief… How Do I Go On? I can’t believe they’re gone! Coping with grief is difficult. How do I go on from here? These are just a fewer questions that funeral directors hear everyday.¬† The loss of a loved one is the beginning of a process that’s necessary to heal. This process is […]

Cremation Options are Endless

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In America cremation is becoming the leading form of final disposition. There are many reasons for this change in trend and all are understandable. We as funeral service providers have had to rethink our businesses in order to accommodate this change. Many people believe that cremation only entails the total incineration of a human remains […]

Funerals and Payment Plans; NEVER!!

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What makes people believe that a funeral should be placed on a payment plan? Seriously… Does this idea even make sense? Ok then… You want us to schedule you an event with 350 attendees, create a personalized theme, all printed materials must be on 32lb sky blue parchment paper, you request a 40 photo video […]

Funeral Arrangement Conference Etiquette

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We have noticed more client families experiencing death for the first time not knowing the procedure. Due to this mystery, additional stress is usually mounted. In order to help ease this tension we reach out with this article. The Arrangement Conference is a very sensitive meeting with your funeral director. This meeting can be compared […]

What to do when a death occurs?

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